Monday, July 15, 2024

Booking conditions for travellers

1- After payment of the 50% deposit by the traveler Planetlight Travel Lda sends the traveler a voucher with the necessary information, as well as the host's contact, address, phone number, e-mail, reception time and the amount of the remaining payment to be paid on site. (There may be some exceptions)
2- Any complaint or request that the traveler has about the property, whether before or during the stay must contact the host exclusively.
3- The time of entry and exit may vary from lodging to lodging, contact the reception or the host mentioned in the voucher you will receive after payment of the deposit.
4- Although there are several houses and hotels that accept pets you should always inform before the reservation if this is possible, communicating the breed and weight of the animal.
5- The cancellation policy varies from accommodation to accommodation, in the voucher you receive will be mentioned what the conditions are.
6- In case the traveller for various reasons does not want to stay in the accommodation he has chosen and booked, he should contact the host and explain the situation to him, and it is solely up to the traveller and host to find a solution.
7- Planetlight Travel Lda. rejects and excludes any liability in relation to the quality of the lodging, power or water cuts, power failures of any kind and amomals of any kind, and the traveler must contact the host for this purpose.
8- If the traveller has to leave accommodation due to force majeure or any other reason, he should only contact the host and find out whether he is entitled to a refund of unused days.
9- The prices of accommodation already include all taxes, except if there is the payment of a tourist tax imposed by the local authority, which must be paid at the hotel when the traveler arrives.
10- In most of the lodgings the hosts require a security deposit to cover any damage, damage or accidents that may have occurred to the property during the travellers' stay. This amount will be mentioned in the voucher of your reservation
11- Groups of young people should be aware and before making the reservation if the host agrees to accept them and if so what the conditions are.