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The best places for your holiday in Portugal

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The best holiday spots in Portugal

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The best places for holidays in Portugal. portugalbestdestination.com is a Planet Light Travel website for holidays, weekends, getaways, etc. In mainland Portugal, especially in rural areas, we have hundreds of cottages or rooms, most of which are located in the middle of nature, for total relaxation.

The best places to holiday in Portugal. In Algarve Selection we have the best resorts and luxury hotels. But there's more: we offer bookings for golf courses, some of which are considered to be the best in Europe, excursions of all kinds and for all tastes. On our site you'll find all the best things to do in Portugal at the best prices.

The best places for your holiday in Portugal

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The Portugal best destination site is a product of Planet Light Travel and offers good surprises for discovering a lesser-known Portugal, or other areas that are always appealing, such as the Algarve or the Costa Vicentina. In general you will find places of extraordinary natural beauty and a coastline of hundreds of kilometres, mountains and rivers, breathtaking landscapes. Here on this site you can find country houses, bungalows, luxury tents, tree houses, rural tourism accommodation, flats, hotels, villas, etc.

Portugal offers everything it has to offer: the hospitality of the Portuguese people is extraordinary, a very varied gastronomy and good wines, appreciated all over the world, with an extraordinary culture and heritage, rich in its history which spans centuries and centuries, priceless works of art, museums, monuments, churches, convents, monasteries, National Natural Parks, etc. Besides the many and varied leisure activities it is a country full of ancient traditions that can still be found. For the sport lovers Portugal offers especially in the Algarve some of the best courses in the world. Portugal is really The Best Destination

Portugal awaits everyone and welcomes everyone with open arms. The Portuguese can discover much more of their country, while foreigners are enchanted by all the beauty they find here. From the mountains to the seaside, the surprises are endless. The best places to holiday in Portugal.